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Inkt walnut
[7gyp 117011-]

A colorfast fabric dye with a dash of walnut ink The 7gypsies™ have done it again! We just loved these little bottles of Color Wash, and knew you would, too. They look just like they came straight from a vintage apothecary shoppe, with their aged labels and eyedropper applicators. They just have to be added to the line-up of supplies in our studio. The Color Washes are available in both a rich walnut based range of tones and a pastel range. Each glass bottle has an eyedropper applicator that is very handy to use to extract the dye from the bottle. They thin easily with water to give you a wonderful range of shades within each color leave the papers and fabric flexible after they have dried. The dyes will stain your hands a bit, so if this is a concern, be sure to wear gloves while using them. We applied them both full strength and diluted with water to get varying shades within the pieces. The tags and tapes we dyed were simply laid in a plastic tray; the dyes were dropped onto them, and moved around with a soft paintbrush. Also, the color is much lighter after the paper and fabric dry, so be aware of that. The colors do separate in the bottle, so be sure to shake well before using. And, as the 7gypsies™ mention on their labels...do not ingest!

Dit artikel is op Friday 06 January, 2006 toegvoegd.
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